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Global Justice Theory



Find our more about how we focus on Global Justice Theory through research, teaching, and knowledge exchange.

The Law and Polity Project

The ‘Law and Polity’ project is concerned with the broadest implications of these world-historical shifts in the relationship between the legal and the political realms. It will host its introductory conference at the University of Edinburgh on 2-3 December 2016.

Political Settlements Research Programme

Examining how political settlements come into being, how open and inclusive they are, and how internal and external actors shape them. Our 'Concepts' theme explores how settlements are shaped, and what they mean.

Centre on Constitutional Change: the Future of the UK and Scotland

Debating the Scottish Referendum through academic expertise to provide a neutral and authoritative resource.

Intimations of Global Law

The key work on global law, by Edinburgh Law School's Professor Neil Walker.

Edinburgh University Press 'Studies in Global Justice and Human Rights'

Publishing on democracy, gender, legal justice, poverty, human rights, environmental justice, and just war theory.

Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory

Seminars, works-in-progress, and a reading group that builds on Edinburgh Law School's long tradition in legal theory.

Just World Institute

Fostering interdisciplinary research into global challenges, especially issues of ethics and justice.

Centres and Projects

Other Centres and Projects working on Global Justice Theory.