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Brexit and Rights

Brexit and Rights


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The Conservative Party prior to election proposed repeal and replacement of the Human Rights Act (HRA). The proposal for repeal is set out in a Conservative Party proposal of October 2014 and mentioned in the Conservative Party manifesto at page 60. This Act incorporates into UK law, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Now in government, these proposals are being taken forward.

The protection of human rights in the UK, and compliance with international instruments such as the ECHR, is not just a domestic issue. The European Convention on Human Rights came into being not least due to British push and drafting. It has been a tool for dealing with complicated conflicts, and transitions to democracy, as well as ensuring a common baseline for both old and new EU states. The jurisprudence of the European Court on Human Rights has both benefited from incorporating learning from other regional systems, and contributed to developing jurisprudence in those systems.

We therefore believe that the actions of the UK government with respect to the Convention domestically, have a wider global justice impact.

A large number of scholars and centres working on global justice have an active interest in the HRA and what happens it, and are actively researching and informing public debate as it evolves.

We set out what we hope will be a growing list of resources in the links below. We include in the first section resources from University of Edinburgh, but also include in the second section other useful resources from our partners or organisations we are associated with.

The proposal for repeal is set out in a Conservative Party proposal of October 2014, and mentioned in the Conservative Party manifesto on page 60. These proposals were not included in the Queen’s speech,reportedly due to a threatened back-bench rebellion. However, the Government appears to be moving forward with them, with a proposed proposal next Autumn.


University of Edinburgh Resources (some collaborative)

Evidence before the Scottish Parliament's European and External Relations Committee, Human Rights Inquiry:


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This is a resource put together by the Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with other Centres and Networks.

For further information contact: Christine Bell christine.bell@ed.ac.uk, or Tobias Lock tobias.lock@ed.ac.uk.

There are various blogs connected to the University of Edinburgh (and others) with activity and further resources relating to the Human Rights Act: