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Measurement and Indicators



Find our more about how we include Measurement and Indicators in our research, teaching, and knowledge exchange.

Political Settlements Research Programme

Examining - and measuring - how political settlements come into being, how open and inclusive they are, and how internal and external actors shape them.

The Documentation of Torture and Ill-Treatment

A comparative analysis of the challenges faced by those attempting to document torture and ill-treatment in Low-Income Countries, focusing on Nepal, Bangladesh and Kenya.

The Politics of Monitoring

Exploring the determinants and effects of different monitoring practices across climate change, defence procurement, and immigration policy.

Seeing Illegal Immigrants: State Monitoring and Political Rationality

Exploring how states 'see' illigal immigrants: who do they monitor, how, and what does this tell us about political rationality.

Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN)

AQMeN is a research centre developing dynamic and pioneering projects to improve our understanding of current social issues in the UK and provide policy makers and practitioners with robust, independent, research-based evidence to build a better future.

From Paris to PISA

This project examines the history of governing education with international comparisons in order to produce large scale assessments.

The view from the continent: What people in other member states think about the UK EU referendum

This project focuses on public attitudes across different EU member states regarding the recent referendum in the UK about its membership of the European Union.

When Business Models Break: Reimagining STV, 2007-2014

Investigating changes in the broadcasting sector, turnaround strategy, and the re-imagination of STV as a television company.

Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge as a Policy Instrument in Climate Policy

Examining how scientific knowledge is presented in order to be useful for those making political decisions.

Centres and Projects

Other Centres and Projects that use Measurement and Indicators in their work.