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Applications now open for CAHSS Global Fellowships 2018-19

Application Deadline: 1200 midday on Friday 13 April 2018 by email to CAHSSReceptionteam@ed.ac.uk.

Details and Application Procedure:



The new CAHSS Global Fellowships are for academic and professional services staff who are employed in the Collage of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. The fellowships are part of the College Global Plan, seeking to: 


  • Engender specific development projects and initiatives, 
  • Build links with the Global Academies and / or Edinburgh Global and Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI), and 
  • Offer academic / professional development opportunities to Fellows. 


The CAHSS Global Fellows will be held on secondment for up to 0.2fte each and for up to 12 months. The Global Fellows will play a key role in implementing the College Global Plan, building links between Schools, Support Services, Global Academies, EFI and Edinburgh Global, whilst working on initiatives that generate broader benefits for the College and University as a whole. 


Proposed projects are, therefore, likely to include at least some of the following dimensions: 


  • Strategic development, 
  • Resource/research/curricula development, 
  • Methodological / process / pedagogic development, 
  • Organisational partnership development (within and external to UoE). 

Types of Global Fellowship 


There are two types of CAHSS Global Fellowships: 


1. Global Academy EFI Fellowships – Five Fellowships, one linked to each of the University’s five Global Academies and affiliated with EFI (suitable for academic staff).

  •  Global Justice Academy 

For example, development projects addressing interdisciplinary research and education on modern slavery, understanding evidence and data from peace processes, communicating issues from conflict situations through use of the arts, curricula development on interdisciplinary global transitions.  


  •  Global Health Academy 

For example, development projects addressing the intersection of global and environmental health, topic such as global health and faith or ageing. 


  •  Global Development Academy 

For example, development projects addressing decolonisation of the curricula, ethical issues in research and partnerships with the global south. 


  • Global Environment and Society Academy 

For example, development projects addressing research into low carbon options or the educational potential of the University’s policy on its carbon footprint. 


  • Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security 

For example, development projects addressing interdisciplinary aspects of food production (history, land ownership, cultural expectations of diet, impact of food production methods of health for example). 



2. International Connections Fellowships – Three Fellowships developing a specific project or initiative of broader benefit for the College (suitable for academic or professional services staff). Preferred projects include: 

  • Development of a guide on sustainable research activity from strategic partnerships in the global south, with examples of good practice. 
  • Development of a resource to support academic and administrative staff seeking to develop interdisciplinary digital transcultural curricula. 
  • Exploring further opportunities and resources for ‘internationalisation at home’ experiences for students living in Edinburgh. 
  • Enhancing links between College staff and alumni, working alongside the Development & Alumni Office, Edinburgh Global and School. 

Organisational and Learning Arrangements 


The Fellowships will be supported through: 


1. £5,000.00 for each Fellowship to the employing CAHSS School or College Office, to contribute to enabling the release of the Fellow for 0.2fte and to expenses associated with the Fellowship. 


2. Membership of an action learning set, convened by the CAHSS Dean International (and with the expectation of engaging actively with this as a vehicle for learning and development together). 

All Fellows will remain employed by, and line managed by, the employing School or College Office. 


At the start of the Fellowship, a ‘secondment agreement’ will be agreed between your current line manager, the Fellow, the Dean International and (where appropriate) the Director of the Global Academy or other University Department associated primarily with the proposed project. 


A mid-term review will be held between the Fellow, Dean International and line manager, and a final meeting together held at the end of the year. A Final Report and any resources developed will be expected within 3 months of the end of the secondment. 



Application Process 


To apply for a Fellowship, please send a CV, statement of support from the Head of your employing CAHSS School or College Office, and proposal for the project you wish to undertake during a Fellowship (max 2 pages), and a statement that articulates (i) your personal learning objectives, (ii) the benefits of the project to the College’s activities, student and/or staff, (iii) where appropriate, the benefits of the project to the Global Academy and/or University departments and any external organisations that you plan to work with. 


Please email your application to CAHSSReceptionteam@ed.ac.uk by Midday on Friday 13 April 2018

You are encouraged to have discussions before applying about the scope of your proposed project and the secondment arrangements with the Dean International, Director of relevant Global Academy, Edinburgh Global or other department, and with your Head of School or College Office.  

Click here to contact us at the GJA to discuss your ideas informally.