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Applications now open for MSc Social Justice & Community Action

The MSc in Social Justice and Community Action is a part time and fully online masters programme designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to help you make positive social change.

This programme is a flagship teaching initiative of the University of Edinburgh’s Global Justice Academy, a multi-disciplinary network of academics and research centres committed to global justice concerns.

The programme is designed for both:

  • professionals working on social justice issues in research, policy or grassroots practice in the public, private or non-governmental sectors across the globe;
  • recent graduates who wish to gain the skills to enter the fields of social justice and community practice.

Why study our Masters in Social Justice and Community Action?

Our life chances are shaped by our family and community relationships, access to good quality public services, the particular features of our governing institutions and levels of economic inequality. That life chances are unequally distributed across the globe, and within particular countries, is an injustice. For example, In 2017, eighty two percent of the global wealth generated went to the richest one percent of the global population.1

Even in a wealthy nation like the United Kingdom, it has been estimated that the top one percent have fifty three percent of the country’s personal tradable wealth, whilst the bottom half have a mere six percent.2

Despite such manifest inequality, there is little consensus about what actions individuals, communities and nation states should take to address these injustices. Moreover, social justice itself is a dynamic and contested concept, concerned with distribution, cultural recognition and the quality of democratic participation.3

This programme offers you the opportunity to critically engage with foundational ideas and debates about equality, fairness, power, democracy and citizenship and to consider a range of actions in communities, in public and third sector organisations, and in policy and legislation processes, for the real world application of these ideas.

Click here to visit the programme's web pages for further information, including eligibility criteria, and to submit your application now.