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Dr Tobias Lock awarded a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award

Edinburgh Law School’s Dr Tobias Lock, Senior Lecturer and Programme Direcgtor for the LLM General, has been awarded a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (BARSEA). The British Academy describe their awards as “designed to enable established early career academics to actively engage in the work of the Academy and to enhance their own skills and career development through the organisation of events, training, and mentoring activities for a wide range of other early career researchers”.

The award of £13,000 will allow Dr Lock to create the “Brexit and Rights Engagement Network”, consisting of 12 early careers scholars working at universities in all parts of the UK. Over the course of the next year, the network will hold three roundtable events (in Edinburgh, Belfast and London) dedicated to the broad theme of Brexit, rights and devolution. The network will engage with a very complex and multi-layered area of the law.

Dr Lock commented: “Brexit lays bare some of the inconsistencies, difficulties and murky compromises in this area. The network will enable young researchers’ voices to be heard. In addition, network members will receive engagement training to equip them with the skills to effectively engage in politically sensitive discourse and make their research known to audiences outside of academia.”

Congratulations to Dr Lock – we’ve always known that you were a star!

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