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GJA to host Margit Mayer to speak on urban justice

This month the Global Justice Academy welcomes Margit Mayer to speak on urban justice. Mayer is among the leading researchers today in critical urban studies and urban social movements. Her work on urban struggles, social movements and urbanisation have influenced researchers, urban thinkers and activists worldwide, providing in-depth understandings of contemporary radical and progressive urban contestation.

Her most recent publication, Urban Uprisings (Palgrave Macmillan), challenges perceptions of recent spontaneous and often violent eruptions across Europe, from the Parisian Banlieue to the London riots.

The event takes place on March 28, at 3.45pm, Project Room 1.06, LLC, 50 George Sq.

No reservations needed.


More about the Urban Justice Lab

The Urban Justice Lab creates space for discussions, debate and research and teaching and outreach for university academics who study or operate on ‘the city’. Its overall ambition is not merely to support the production of knowledge, but also the enhancement of justice on a local and urban scale, which is meaningful to citizens.

Please do get in touch with us if you wish to collaborate or find out more!