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New Human Rights Journal and Call for Papers

The Global Justice Academy (GJA) would like to draw attention to a new journal – The East European Yearbook on Human Rights – launched by Tallinn University in Estonia. 


A call for papers has been issued for the first edition, with a deadline of 1st September 2017,  on human rights issues in the (post)transitional setting. Possible themes include, but are not limited to:   

• Analysis of the most pressing human rights issues in a specific transitional setting
• A comparative analysis of different transitions in relation to human rights issues
• Whether the Eastern European transitions have reached the post-transition stage or are they regressing? And the effect this can have on human rights of those societies
• What should be the fundamental human rights issues on the table for transitioning states?
• What, if any, role has commitment to human rights had in the transition of the Eastern and Central European societies towards democratic governance?

• Has societal and economic transition of the last 25 years in the Eastern and Central European countries led to the loss of the idealistic perception of human rights?


The Yearbook is a regional legal journal, focusing on human rights discourse in the Eastern European area, but situated within in the broader context of worldwide problems and developments in the area of human rights. The ‘General Articles’ section of the Yearbook is open to submissions from the entire academic community and is independently peer‐reviewed by renowned experts. The first edition is set to be published in the autumn of 2018. 


Those interested in contributing can email the editors at East.EYHR@gmail.com for further information, or for consultation on a potential submission. Journal style guides are also available on the website. Submissions Deadline: 1 September 2017 



The Global Justice Academy and the Association of Human Rights Institutes

As part of our ongoing commitment to human rights research and building interdisciplinary networks in this field, Dr Kasey McCall-Smith of Edinburgh Law School has assumed the role of Chair of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI) this year, following the official handover of the AHRI Secretariat to Scotland during the 2017 Conference in Leuven. Dr McCall-Smith will lead AHRI on behalf of the Global Justice Academy for a three-year term alongside Dr Elaine Webster of Strathclyde (who will serve as the Executive Secretary), and will host the 2018 AHRI Conference in Edinburgh Law School. You can find out more about our involvement with AHRI and human rights research on our previous news item and at our Human Rights and Social Justice Lab.