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New Online Community on Political Settlements

The Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP) has launched a new online community open to all who are working in research or practice related to political settlements. To join this new community, you can click here to sign-up now.


The Political Settlements online community will enable efficient communications between all those signed up, who can post information to the list easily using their own email. Suitable posts will include news of latest research, initiatives or events, links to relevant research and also news or opinions on particular political settlement developments. Please circulate this news widely to any other colleagues or students who you think might be interested, and encourage them to sign up to the list.  


The latest PSRP newsletter is also currently available to download, and includes the latest publications and new resources such as podcasts, blogs, upcoming events, job opportunities and ways to link with the work of the PSRP. 


1. The GJA leads in a number of major research projects. One of the largest is the Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP), which examines how to achieve inclusive and open political settlements in fragile and conflict-affected states.
2. The PSRP is a four-year research programme worth £4.4m, granted by the Department for International Development (DFID), undertaken by a North-South Consortium led by the GJA’s Co-Director, Professor Christine Bell, who is also the PSRP Programme Director.