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UN Women announce information session for new consortium bids

UN Women have announced a Call for Proposals for a research consortium on:

Gender Equality and Violent Extremism in North Africa: A Research Agenda

The UN Women Regional Office for Arab States will be holding a public information meeting with interested proponents. If you or someone in your networks is interested in this Call for Proposals, and would like to join the meeting, please email Susanne Kozak at: susanne.kozak@unwomen.org

The meeting will take place at 15:00 (Cairo time) on 9 November 2017. If you cannot join at this time, please Susanne know and she will be happy to connect with you individually.

The Global Justice Academy is working with UN Women on a series of briefing papers on building an inclusive peace, through its Political Settlements Research Programme. 

Click here to find out more about PSRP and our work with UN Women.