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Just Festival: Jesus

Event Name Just Festival: Jesus
Start Date 4th Aug 2017 9:00am
End Date 27th Aug 2017 4:00pm
Duration 23 days and 7 hours

4-27 Aug | 9:00-16:00 | FREE EXHIBITION        



This Jesus-centred peace and justice project emerged over a number of years following an idea conceived by the artist Joanna Brown (UK) when she met the painter Nebiyu Assefa (Ethiopia) in Addis Ababa. Threaded together by Biblical accounts, Nebiyu’s colourful paintings of Jesus are interwoven with Joanna’s photographs of modern day Israel and Palestine. The photographs are drawn from various trips to the region, including time spent as a guest of Palestine Fair Trade Association’s olive farmers, a peace-making delegation with CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams) and visits to projects supported by the Bible Society.

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